Point °65 Crunch Rocker

Point °65 Crunch Rocker
Point °65 Crunch Rocker

Brand: Point 65
Product Code: P-C-R
Availability: Made for order



A rotomolded kayak which is stable, manoueverable and fun. With it's higher curvature in the keel-line the Crunch Rocker is a more stable and manoueverable version of the Crunch Rocket. A kayak that is as fun to paddle as our composite models, but with the ability to handle tremendous abuse and virtually maintenance free ownership.

The Crunch Rocker is more suitable for beginners or paddlers who prefer a more manoueverable kayak for surf or tidal races.

The design is based on the same principles as it's larger sister, the X-Ray: low deck, sleek lines with a shallow V-shaped hull, which gives it a quick and lively feel in rough weather and minimizes yaw even when fitted without a rudder. The well-defined chines allow for easier turning and a strong sense of stability when leaned over on its side.


On Store:

  • 1x brick
  • 2x red
  • 1x yellow

For Free:

  • cockpit cover - nylon / neopren


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