MSC R2 Doublekayak

MSC R2 Doublekayak
MSC R2 Doublekayak MSC R2 Doublekayak MSC R2 Doublekayak MSC R2 Doublekayak MSC R2 Doublekayak MSC R2 Doublekayak

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Designer for MSC R2 is a Dutch designer Jan van Sluis. Kayak MSC R2 is a very popular lake and river closed kayak for touring and long-distance cruise for two. For both kayakers are incorporated within the adjustable pedals. The length of a flat V-bottom profile determines MSC R2 for fast driving. The width and shape of the bottom guarantee the lateral stability. In the back of the bottom is stationary spur, which prevents the ship to go down in a crosswind. The boat is available in four qualitative classes: CLASSIC, Exclusive, KEVLAR ® and KCEP. The shell kayak in design Classic (33 kg) and Exclusive is from the glass sandwich composite. Class ship KEVLAR ® is made of kevlar-glass composite. The ship is thus extremely lightweight, strong and at the same time extremely puncture resistant. Class KCEP is made from Kevlar sandwich composite of epoxy resin and cured in a vacuum - weight 20 kg. Class Exclusive and KEVLAR ®, the rear compartment is closed by a watertight bulkhead mounted waterproof cover a diameter of 20 cm, accessible from inside the cockpit. This space serves both against sinking in degeneration as well as storage space for luggage. The kayak can be ordered with spraydecks.

length 5 m
width 75 cm
height 38 cm
weight 25 kg
cockpit   41/78 cm


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