MSC 450 Touring kayak

MSC 450 Touring kayak
MSC 450 Touring kayak MSC 450 Touring kayak MSC 450 Touring kayak

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The designer series kayak 415, 450 and 520 are sea kayaks Dutch designer Jan van Sluis. Kayak MSC 450 is designed for riders from 65 to 100 kg. All three sizes of kayaks are available in three quality classes: CLASSIC, EXCLUSIVE (17 kg) and KEVLAR. Shell Kayaking in design Classic and Exclusive is fiberglass sandwich composite. The ship class KEVLAR® is made of kevlar-glass composite. The ship is thus extremely lightweight, strong and at the same time extremely puncture resistant. EXCLUSIVE KEVLAR® class and has a rear compartment is closed by a watertight bulkhead mounted waterproof cover a diameter of 20 cm, accessible from inside the cockpit or from the back deck. This space serves both against sinking in degeneration as well as storage space for luggage. All 3 types of boats connects the main idea - stability, easy handling and simple, but extremely aesthetically a successful deck. Kayaks are standardly equipped with plastic adjustable pedals. For class EXCLUSIVE KEVLAR® and is also included as standard backrest and plastic handles on tiptoe. The boat is solid contoured seat.


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